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Color trends more muted for home’s interior, vibrant on exterior

Choosing colors for your home is often one of the toughest decisions you can make for any home improvement.  Whether it is that new furniture, flooring or paint, picking the right colors can be a major decision.  But what are the new trends in the color palette today for homeowners?  

To find out what the national color trends are for homes, I like to consult with an expert, Leatrice Eiseman,, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute who also goes by the title of “America's Color Guru.”

“Even though we do a Pantone Color of the Year, there is no one hot color,” Eiseman said.  “That’s why we have nine palettes for 2017, because of differing lifestyles.”  

So in addition to the color of the year, Greenery, the nine palettes include colors that range from earth tones or rich floral hues, to basic black, white and gray tones reminiscent of a line drawing and nostalgic colors such as maritime blue or parchment mixed with unexpected colors like bird’s egg green or martini olive.  

While these nine palettes can provide endless combinations when you are choosing colors, locally the hot color choices are not as broad.

Kevin Westfall of Teknicolor Paints, (248) 745-0003,, said he is seeing customers leaning more toward neutral colors.

“I seem to run out of our neutral color sample cards often because that is what the customers are most interested in,” Westfall said.  “We may see people wanting more color in a kid’s bedroom, but in other rooms, our most popular Benjamin Moore colors are two historical neutral tones—Bleeker Beige and Revere Pewter. And last year super white was a very popular color.” 

In the kitchen, Westfall said many homes have the once popular honey maple color cabinets, and people who want to update them are either painting them white with special paints like Insl-X Cabinet Coat,, or re-staining them with darker colors like rich mahogany or walnut.  

John Greenough, Owner of Fairway Tile and Carpet in Clawson, (248) 588-4429, said color choices have also changed in flooring.

“Multiple shades of gray colors are most popular for carpets today, and for wood floors we are seeing brown, grays, or even gray overtones mixed with brown,” Greenough said.  

While more neutral colors are the most popular for the interior, the exterior is where we are seeing the opposite.  

“While the colors of roofing shingles are about the same, the real explosion in color is happening with siding,” said Gary Kearns of Kearns Brothers, (888) 355-6700,

Kearns said that in both vinyl siding and James Hardie Fiber Cement siding, the popular colors are much richer and bolder, such as dark reds, greens and grays.  

“We are also seeing more color choices in replacement windows we install, like rich bronze, brick red, dark brown or evergreen,” he said.  

Of course, the great thing about choosing colors for your home is that you get to decide what trend you like.  And since a company like Benjamin Moore has 3,400 paint color options available, the choice can be endless.  But whatever you choose, do your research and talk to the experts at your local paint stores and remodeling showrooms.  That’s how you end up with a project you can brag about. 

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