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September 10, 2017
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September 16, 2017
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Plumbing Professors

Plumbing Professors are ready to handle all of your Residential and Commercial Pipe Lining, Plumbing, Sewer and Drain needs. No Extra Charges for Nights, Weekends or Holidays. Call Plumbing Professors now or visit

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Independent Window Repair

The alternative to costly replacement windows and siding. Vinyl & wood clad replacement windows. All types of wood rot and glass repair. Interior and exterior painting. Master dealer of Kolbe & Kolbe windows & doors.

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Ace and Sons Insulation

Cellulose blown-in insulation & Applegate's non-expanding R foam. We have a rebate specialist on staff to help you.

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Get your weather where you live, not the closest airport

Acurite debuts the Atlas and Atlas Elite weather monitoring systems with smartphone connectivity. These units give you current conditions, forecasts and lightning detection up to 25 miles away. Larry Meadows profiles them at CES.


Your smartphone can give you super vision

Flir Systems introduced the latest version of their infrared cameras that attach to your phone. Enhanced features and a new app give you the ability to see the things you just can't with the naked eye. Andrew Saxon shows us how it works and look for a guest cameo appearance at the end.


Automate your home with new tech from Carrier

The COR Home Automation system from Carrier combines full control of your HVAC system with security and monitoring of your family. Bryan Mitchell takes us inside for a tour.


Home control and monitoring by First Alert

Home safety experts for almost sixty years, First Alert is now premiering Onelink. The system can control lighting using Amazon Alexa and Google Home, record temperatures room to room and also features a camera that can give parents the air quality of an infants room along with monitoring their child's respiration. Tarsila Wey demonstrates at CES 2017.


Robotic vacuums are getting smarter

Black and Decker presented their Smartech line of vacuum cleaners utilizing the latest technology combined with years of experience.  Ronnie McGuthrie takes one for a spin.


Moen wants U to enjoy taking a shower

Have a refreshing shower in the morning or a hot one at night, all courtesy of your smartphone and the Moen U shower system. Andrea Maher shows us how you can set the shower temperature, time and duration easier than sending a text.


Rachio makes your sprinkler smarter

Normally combining technology with water doesn't end well. Rachio's Damon Miller shows us how any home sprinkler system can get a high tech makeover with their new controller. Weather forecasts and accurate monitoring make watering your lawn easy and hassle-free.


Radon is a threat and Wave is a first responder

AirThings Oyvind Birkenes knows the health risks associated to an odorless, colorless gas called radon. That's why he developed the Wave radon monitor. Accurate monitoring of air quality and smartphone notifications tell you your home is safe.


This Old House in Detroit with Glenn Haege

THIS OLD HOUSE® returns for an all-new season as America’s most trusted home improvement team takes on an abandoned brick beauty in the “Motor City” of Detroit. Host Kevin O’Connor talks with America's Master Handyman Glenn Haege.


Video Advice on Interior Painting

America's Master Handyman® Glenn Haege introduces a comprehensive review of steps in using Benjamin Moore Aura interior paint.


Video Advice on Exterior Staining

America's Master Handyman® Glenn Haege and Benjamin Moore help you learn from professional painters using Arborcoat exterior stain.


Manage by walking around

America's Master Handyman® Glenn Haege takes homeowners on a detailed walk around their home. From the PBS show "America's Handyman - Glenn Haege".


Video Advice on Crawl Spaces

America's Master Handyman® Glenn Haege looks at options that are available to homeowners with a crawl space. Glenn is joined by Bob Genord of Foundation Systems of Michigan who explains the benefits of Encapsulation.


Video Advice on Replacement Windows

America's Master Handyman® Glenn Haege reviews the latest options for replacement windows. Glenn is joined by Mike Kearns of Kearns Brothers to look at all the important points to consider when choosing a window manufacturer and installers.


Video Advice on Roofing Systems

America's Master Handyman® Glenn Haege looks at choices in roofing systems. Glenn is joined by Mike Kearns of Kearns Brothers to discuss the importance of selecting installers who have been trained and certified by the manufacturer.


Cash for Caulkers revisited

Neil Cavuto of Fox News checks in with Glenn for an update on the cost of the Cash for Caulkers program.


Cash for Caulkers

America's Master Handyman on Your World with Neil Cavuto talking about Cash for Caulkers.


Ask This Old House in Detroit

America's Master Handyman Glenn Haege talks with Tom Silva and Richard Trethewey during filming in Detroit, MI.


Ask This Old House in Detroit 2

America's Master Handyman Glenn Haege talks with the homeowner during filming in Detroit.


Changing a furnace filter

Some simple things to consider when changing your furnace filter.
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Repairing driveway cracks

Some tips on how to fill in the cracks and gaps in your driveway.
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