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August 20, 2017
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August 19, 2017
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Mold Remediation & Testing


Stop using bleach to fight mold! Concrobium mold-fighting products get rid of mold on indoor and outdoor surfaces - without harmful chemicals. Concrobium Mold Control crushes mold spores as it dries and then stays on the surface to prevent future mold growth.

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Closets by Design

Custom closets, garages, pantries, laundry rooms and offices. We design, build and install custom storage solutions for all areas of your home or office.

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Dillman & Upton

Since 1910 Quality Windows And Doors with expert installation. Partnered with Andersen and Jeldwen. Window specialist.

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Hardwood Floor Care book

Nothing matches the warmth and style of a real wood floor.  You can keep it looking great with Glenn Haege's Complete Hardwood Floor Care Guide.  this book covers it all , from caring for new floors to cleaning, maintaining, and solving problems with your existing wood floors. It’s free!

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How GREEN are you? Take this quiz and find out

Miss Piggy's favorite frog, Kermit, used to sing about the fact that "it's not easy being green." What do you think? Is being green hard or easy? Do you even try to save energy or make a "greener" planet?

Anyone can be sanctimonious and say: "Hang the cost, but don't pass it on. The automobile companies should have cars that get 100 miles to the gallon and use alternative fuels."

It's easy to tell the other guy he should be doing something, but what do you personally do to cut greenhouse gases and stop global warming?

Answer these questions and see if you would be at home in a greener community.

1. Do you have and use low-flow showerheads in your home?

Yes Some No

2. Do you use a reusable commuter mug for beverages in the car or just line up at the drive-in with the rest of us? (Coffee tastes better out of a mug than from a throwaway paper cup.)

Yes Sometimes No

3. If you pack a lunch or your kids pack a lunch, do you put the sandwiches in plastic baggies or do you use reusable containers? (Reusable containers provide better protection so the sandwich tastes better.)

Yes Sometimes No

4. Do you bring reusable bags when you go shopping? (Think of the forests being cut down and the petroleum being wasted just so you can have your groceries packed in new paper or plastic bags. Oakridge and other supermarket chains are now selling reusable bags. Some stores will even give you a discount for bringing you own. Reusable bags are much stronger so you never have to worry about tearing.)

Yes Sometimes No

5. Do you walk, jog or ride your bike on nearby errands such as going to the grocery store and bicycle, car-pool or ride municipal transit to and from work?

Always Sometimes Never

6. Do you take the train or bus rather than fly or drive when you take regional trips of less than 500 miles? (Jet aircraft and automobiles are terribly energy inefficient. Trains and buses save energy.)

Always Sometimes Never

7. Do you buy small quantities of cleaning supplies and hazardous chemicals that you can use right away? (This eliminates hazards from your house.)

Yes Sometimes No

8. Do you buy and use rechargeable batteries instead of the throwaway kind that poison landfills? (You save money at the same time you help save the planet.)

Yes Sometimes No

9. Do you pay a little bit more but get Energy Star-rated large appliances? (Energy Star appliances save so much on energy that they will pay for themselves in a short time.)

Yes Sometimes No

10. Do you shop for products made and packaged with recycled content? (There has to be a market for the things your community collects or they will not be able to continue the service.)

Yes Sometimes No

11. When you find a good selection of earth-friendly products that utilize recycled and renewable products do you buy them, tell your friends about them and thank the manager or storeowner for stocking them? (If we are serious about being earth-friendly we have to help make and publicize the market for these products.)

Always Sometimes Never

12. Do you use refillable, rather than disposable pens? (They cost more up front, but they write better.)

Always Sometimes Never

13. Do you use compact florescent lights instead of incandescent bulbs? (They will soon be mandated so we might as well start learning to live with them.)

Yes Sometimes No

14. Do you use sand or cat litter instead of rock salt and calcium chloride on sidewalks, driveways and parking lots? (They are a bit messy, but they don't kill the grass or poison our pets and the water supply.)

Yes Sometimes No

15. Do you have R-49 insulation in the attic? (Insulation gives you the fastest payback of any renovation that you make.)

Yes I don't know No

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