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Publication date: 12/28/2010

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Use infrared scans to be sure of leak origins

Dear Glenn: We just had our failed IKO 12-year-old roof replaced by a roofing company. After the last rain, I had a leak near the chimney. Well, the roofing company said it could not change the flashing because the faux stone chimney brick was put on after the original roof. It is all attached.

What can they put around the base of the chimney to get rid of the water leak? They thought to remove the bottom few inches of brick, and then put a flashing, but it would not look pretty. The flashing would stick out. Does this make any sense to you? I will go with your plan of action.

Dear Noreen: Before you call anyone else, I would have an infrared scan of the area to pinpoint where the leak is coming from. Get in touch with Bob at Infrared Services of Michigan (810) 329-9033,, or John at Thermal Imaging Consultants, (586) 783-8885, After you find where the leak is coming from, show your roofer the photographic facts. Gaco Western makes a superior fix; call Gaco Roof (866) 422-6489,

Note: This article was accurate at the date of publication. However, information contained in it may have changed. If you plan to use the information contained herein for any purpose, verification of its continued accuracy is your responsibility.

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